About Global Medical Products

Global Medical Products is corporately based in Chicago, IL. With a rapidly expanding service region, Global is the provider of moveable medical equipment to hundreds of hospitals and extended care facilities throughout the Midwest. Regional headquarters are located in Cincinnati-Dayton, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee. In addition, Global has strategically located service warehouses throughout a seven state region which provide first-class service to both urban and rural customers.

Global Medical Products is a leading regional medical equipment outsourcing company, offering comprehensive solutions that maximize utilization, increase productivity and support optimal patient care and safety.

Global has quickly become the industry standard for innovative, cost-effective medical equipment which enhances the quality of life for our patients. With our years of experience serving acute care, skilled care facilities and hospice, Global offers a full line of the highest quality moveable medical equipment available to meet a wide range of clinical needs.

As we look to the future, our goal is to continue to build a formidable medical equipment company that gives health care providers and their patients the tools they need to achieve better outcomes and, in turn, provide a strong and prosperous future to our employees.

We invite you to learn more about Global Medical Products as you browse the pages of this website. And, we thank you for your interest in our company. We're determined to continue to lead the market and in so doing, continue to earn your trust and loyalty.

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