Global Medical Products is a leading distributor of medical equipment and solutions to Extended Care facilities throughout the Midwest and Southeast.

Global Medical Products understands the clinical challenges and financial constraints extended care facilities face to provide continuous quality care for patients with multiple chronic health conditions. Aside for managing budgets, one of the biggest issues skilled care facilities face is frequent turnover in staff and staff shortages. The equipment and value added solutions Global Medical Products provides to the extended care market acknowledge these challenges by delivering innovative equipment, continuous clinical and staff training on all our equipment, and highly trained teams of customer service representatives and delivery technicians that will understand the unique needs of your facility and patients.

Rental for maximum flexibility

When flexibility and quick access to products are important criteria, Global Medical Products is able to offer a range of rental solutions to meet your needs, regardless of care environment.
From short-term daily and weekly rental for a specific patient through to longer monthly, six-monthly or annual rental periods, Global Medical Products is able to provide a range of products, clinical, technical and information services tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Benefits of Rental

• Allows maximum flexibility: you can be charged for usage on an individual patient basis if so required
• Guaranteed service response times for patient-specific orders
• Access to Technical & Clinical Support 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
• Provision of usage & invoicing data by patient, ward & directorate allows easy allocation of expenditure
• Immediate access to new product innovations
• Rentals treated as a revenue expense

Rental Hotline: 1-800-409-6158

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